GLEN COVE, NY a medical DOCTOR walks out of a NATURAL HEALTH FOOD store that he frequents for being harassed by staff for not having his mask over his nose. Please contact and advocate to this store with us....
From Dr. Larry.

Dear Readers,
Below is a summary of an experience I had today at Rising Tide Market in Glen Cove, NY. This is an email I sent to the market.
Please read, and see fit to make the kinds of decisions that support your truth. I trust that whatever decision(s) you make for your family will be correct for your family.
To Whom it May Concern: Please forward to Jerry, the owner.
I had a rather unfortunate experience in your store today that will keep me from ever coming back again. I was met with ignorance, fear, and rudeness. For a store that promotes health and a holistic philosophy, I felt as if I was in a communist country, where only obedience to the word of the state would be tolerated, rather than true science, true medicine, and true thinking!
I walked into the store with my mask on, and told the staff that I am unable to breathe with the mask over my nose, each time I was approached to put the mask further up over my nose.
As a physician, I am aware of all the studies demonstrating how masks are actually detrimental to ones health, limiting oxygen supply, limiting removal of wastes, and increasing growth of bacteria and other organisms. I am also aware that the masks do not protect oneself, or others, from contracting the virus. The masks are not thick enough, and the organisms are easily able to seep through the material, and over the sides of the masks.
Multiple times staff members came up to me in a panic that I needed to put the mask 2 cm more over my nose. I kept saying, I can’t breathe with the mask over my nose, I didn’t want to get sick, and keeping the mask over my nose made no medical sense, whatsoever.
Finally, a woman with blond hair, who I assumed is a manager, came over to me and asked if we could talk. Well, she really wasn’t interested in talking, or hearing anything I had to say. When she said I am putting the health of the staff at risk by keeping the mask a few centimeters below my nose so I could breathe, I told her, “you know, that makes no medical sense.” She could care less. She wasn’t there to think, she was just there to enforce.
When I tried to lower the mask to breathe better and have a conversation with her, she said she would not talk to me until my mask was fully over my face, as I was putting her health at risk, as well. I said, again, that makes no medical sense. She said, if I didn’t put the mask over my face, she would call the police.
I put my shopping cart down on the floor, and indicated that I would be leaving. She said, “good.” I said I would never be back again to shop in this store, and she said, “good.” And, when I mentioned I would be informing my patient base of this situation and letting them know of this interaction, she said, “good, go right ahead.” My patients are critical thinkers, and much smarter than this nonsense this woman was serving me.
I left the store, and immediately saw a father in my practice who was about to go into the store. I told him the story, and he said he wasn’t going to go into the store to shop.
I will let my client base know about this interaction.
What danger do I pose to the staff, and to the manager, if they are all wearing a mask, and are supposedly protected by the mask? None.
What danger do I pose to the staff, and to the manager, if I am having no symptoms, at all? None. The idea of an asymptomatic carrier is simply a myth, and is not scientifically based, and studies show that not one person who was an asymptomatic carrier has been demonstrated to pass along this infection.
What protection do the masks give the staff and the manager from breathing in a virus from the air? Absolutely, none.
Yet, despite these true scientific facts, the manager, and the staff, are walking around promoting a policy that has no basis in reason, science, critical thinking, or truth. Just fear, ignorance, and rudeness.
I will never come back to the store, and energetically, the food, and the atmosphere are simply toxic with such a lack of thinking and truth, so anything I purchase from the store has little health benefit to me, and to the customers.
I will be unsubscribing from your email list, and will let my friends and patients know about this interaction. Thankfully, there are still other places where I can buy healthy food that doesn’t have the same energy bathing the items.......
Lawrence B. Palevsky, MD