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We need a plan. I am not a visionary, but I have outlined in broad strokes below what I can see are some main things to be done. I would love input, and will update the site accordingly. Please email me links to sites that are useful for this.

Goals as I see them (feel free to let me know of better goals):
  1. Recall Newsom, vote in a better, less tyrannical option
  2. Until then, have the legislature rescind his state of emergency (call your Assemblymember)
  3. Work at local levels to rescind the local states of emergency, so that we won't be under the tyrannical rules of unelected bureaucrats in the local Health Departments
  4. Educate businesses, tell them to publicly oppose Biden's vaccine passports, and encourage local business to only apply as much of the "guidelines" from the state as they feel is necessary, not shame people who don't agree
  5. Educate, educate, educate everyone from government, to businesses, to churches, to neighbors. This isn't about health, it's about liberty. This can NEVER happen again.
  6. Vote in all new representatives, who are for liberty
  7. Become New California
  8. Support businesses who are freedom-minded

Daily schedule -- What to do

Who are my representatives?

Become a member, support, be informed about, and tell others about New California

State Resources
* What can we do statewide?
Recall Gavin Newsom
About Health Orders
Vote for alternative candidates, instead of the same ones over and over that are ruining our state

County Resources
* What can we do at the county level?
The Healthy American - info, resources, and plans of attack regarding Face Mask Issue

City Resources
* What can we do at the city level?

Church Resources
* What do we do as a church?
Sermons, Studies, and other resources
Pastor Greg Locke calls for courageous pastors
Influencing the Culture with a Biblical Worldview (Church Opening Resources, Info on Culture Impact Teams, Pastor's Roundtable info, etc.)
Liberty Council
First Liberty
Advocates For Faith & Freedom
Calvary Chapel Fireside Chats - a lot of Covid info

Business Resources
* What can we do as a business?
OSHA Information on wearing face masks

School Resources
School mask information
Article: Schools Kids in Masks? A Boatload of Problems

Face Mask Brochures
Charlie Kirk
Constitution Alive (Constitution course - NEEDED now!)
GTI Ministries (Thinking Like a Christian curriculum)
The Healthy American - info on face masks, health orders
Liberty 4 America

More Trust-worthy Media
(at least media that encourages some free thinking)

American Thinker
One News Now
One American News Net
College Fix
PJ Media
Tucker Carlson

Worthwhile Writers
Lloyd Marcus
Star Parker
"The Daily Rant" by Mychal Massie
Patricia McCarthy