From Dotty Sunshine
5/28/20 at 9:49 AM

Friends, I am an RN, BSN.

I worked in Burn units and wore masks extensively for the ICU burned patients and for intense dressing changes and de-brieding burns.

I wore a mask often for isolation.

I worked in CCU, ER, SICU, MICU, I was a nurse manager of a CCU, a house Supervisor, and worked in every single patient population area.

WHEN I wore a mask, it was a properly fitted mask.
I changed my mask every single time I entered or left the patient, anytime I accidentally touched my mask, or any time I sneezed or coughed in my mask.
It was a medical grade, properly fitted mask.
For viruses or very small particulate contaminants, we wore special N-95 masks with very meticulous procedure.

Just because we, as healthcare providers wear a mask, does not mean that it is good for our health.
We put our lives at risk as a part of the job hazard.
Medical care providers have to breathe in their own CO2 and it is very taxing on the immune system, compromises flow of O2 and oxygen saturation.

But that is part of the job.

There are actual specific protocols for wearing masks and guidelines that without following them, render them not only completely ineffective, but also cause them to be a vector of sort, or the transmission agent of infection of the very thing they are there to protect against.

As I see the very bizaree twist the powers that be now almost backwardly mandating masks to stop the spread of COVID-19, even though there is no science to support this, Iím truly in awe.

I am in awe of just how duped my fellow citizens can so easily be.

It makes sense now, however, how an entire generation actually bought into the idea that smoking while pregnant, smoking to relieve stress by the commercials and ads from medical doctors actually was a thing.... AND actually KILLED untold millions and caused more suffering with lung related diseases than we can even count.

It makes sense now, how we are going along with being poisoned in our food supply by a myriad of chemicals and GMOs in the name of ďproducing more, for our greater goodĒ etc.

It makes sense now to see how we allowed a vaccine to be unleashed on the public after the 1970ís swine flu that killed and paralyzed and hurt so many.

Pretty soon, they will ask us all to wear blindfolds to cover our eyes because the virus is spread through our eye membranes...
(Yeah, you can imagine this now, canít you?)

Well, the truth is, waaaay too many already have on those blind folds on.

Too many are blindly following, in a trance, information that is completely twisted and not grounded in either science or legality.

And yet, these same blinded, masked citizens and flailing about pointing fingers all over the place without even having a clue of where they are pointing.

Take off the mask, the blindfold, unplug..
Or not.

Stay masked, blinded or whatever makes you feel comfortable:

And I will look at the truth, the actual science, the laws.

I will draw from my own professional knowledge of exactly what a mask does and does not do, and base my decisions on that and basic common sense, as well as knowing that the exchange of oxygen and CO2 is imperative for my own personal health, immune system and well being and it is my RIGHT TO BREATHE.

AND IF.... IF... there was actually a need to wear a mask because there was actually a proven situation where it was needed, I would be properly fitted for the correct mask, I would know all the risks, I would take precautions not to spread it and make it worse by wearing one.
I would not be wearing some cloth, make-shift designer mask for fashion sake as some kind of new egoic badge of honor.

If itís not safe, effective, based on actual real science, not necessary, not legal, then, I will not be wearing one.

Hopefully there will not be a second wave of something that may require a proper mask or hazmat suit... Iím sure someone some where may be conjuring something up...
But in the meantime, I will continue breathing the air and praying that the swamp will hurry up and get drained and we can live in medical freedom and have liberty and justice for all.